Back Taxes Owed

Settle Your Back Taxes Owed.

In many cases people have back taxes or unfiled taxes because they feel they don’t have to file. This may be a result of thinking they were under some kind of income threshold when in reality the threshold is only $400 if you are self employed. One thing people need to know is even if you don’t have the money to pay the taxes, it’s important that you file. By filing the tax return you will avoid late filing penalties. The IRS and California State will never negotiate until they have the returns. Nothing can be done until all the returns have been filed.
The main reason people come in to file their back taxes is they have a notice or lean from California State. There are other reasons such as getting married, wanting to clean up returns that weren’t filed properly before taking the Bar Exam or they are starting a business. Whatever the reason we’re happy to help each client weigh the options of their unique situation.