Tax Returns by Smart Services

If you are in the business of making money (which most of us are) there will come a point when you will need to pay your taxes (which most of us either avoid or procrastinate). For most companies, tax due dates begin in the spring season, or if the company extends, in September. Figuring out the amount of tax you owe to the government is not an easy process, since rules and regulations can change from year to year. You can complete your taxes yourself and use your own time, your own software, and your own know-how. Do-it-yourself computer tax programs have become quite popular in the last few years; however, it’s important to remember that it’s still possible to make mistakes in your calculations and in understanding and interpreting tax law.

If you live or work in California and want to maximize your tax refund, you will definitely want to turn to a California accountant. Partnering with a firm that knows the ins and outs of tax laws as they are published each year will not only help you avoid penalties and fees that can come if your taxes are reported improperly—it will also increase the amount of dollars that appear on your income tax refund check.

Smart Services provides your business with a full range of services. Our online Tax Center contains useful tools for you to keep up with your financial statements, such as a tax calculator for marginal and effective rates. Even if we aren’t your tax firm, we want to help you out and have provided this tax center as a one-stop location for tax purposes. Here, you can download tax forms and publications directly to your computer instead of spending hours trying to find the right forms.

Smart Services can give you the tax expertise you need with the caliber of service you can trust. Consider us your personal CFO — helping you manage the financial operations of your business so that you can get back to what really matters: serving your customers and clients. We hire only the best tax professionals and accountants and will help your tax returns get you back as much as possible. For a quote, contact Smart Services today!

Track Your Refund
Wondering “when will I receive my tax refund?” Use these tools to find out when you can expect your federal and state refund.

Tax Due Dates
Please note the following tax due dates on your calendar, and come back often to keep up with the changes.

Tax Rates
Tax rates change every year. Take a look at this year’s tax rates.